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How Does AMI Help?

AMI is an advanced social media monitoring & digital monitoring tool that can:
  • Monitor online text content on all the social & digital platforms.
  • Know whether a post or an event will go viral using the prediction feature; it predicts an event using ‘content analysis’ ‘semantic understanding’ and ‘artificial intelligence’.
  • Know emerging market segments by comparing past & present data.
  • Know your position in comparison to your competitors in a market.

AMI Digital Monitoring Solutions

  • Analyze Social Media On Global Level

    Track billions of conversations on social media & digital platforms. AMI offers real-time twitter analytics and other digital monitoring analytics.

    Track different posts and events on social media platforms with AMI, an adaptive media monitoring service.

    Find your brand mention anywhere in the world through the 3-M live social observatory engine integrated into the AMI.

  • In-Depth Analysis

    Get in-depth report of all the trackings directly on your dashboard. Know what people are discussing about your key topics, along with the things people like and dislike about your business.

    Track brand reputation of the chosen market, language or social media platform.

Beyond what people are feeling, AMI is also able to let you know why they are feeling and the correlation involved. Not just that, you can also measure your social media outreach with AMI Social Media Analytics Tools.
AMI Social Media Analytics Tools- Measure your social media outreach
Partner with 6Estates and discover new insights from underutilized social & digital data. Our social media analytics tools let you compare your brand with your competitors and monitor how your business is doing.
Gain better understanding of your audience on all social media channels. Dig deeper into trends and gain insights to develop better marketing strategy and engagement tactics. Use our social media analytics tools to analyse social big data, tap what’s relevant and make smarter decisions.
A Unified Powerful Analytics Engine Integrated with Automated Media Intelligence (AMI)
  • Get visualized report of your performance on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more.
  • Measure your business performance on the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook other social platforms with real-time dashboards.
  • Understand Customer's Behaviour on Social Media

    Use AMI Social media analytics tools to evaluate new trends, customer sentiment and measure the consumer reaction towards your brand in social media platforms.

    Identify opportunities in your marketing strategies, gauge its effectiveness and improvise for more audience engagement.

  • Find Better Insights

    Identify the important customer segments and map conversation on social media.

    Identify relevant information from loads of conversation data and identify the accurate sentiment.


Industry Specific Solutions

  • Travel & Tourism
    Travel & Tourism

    Travel & Tourism


  • Automotive



  • Home Appliance
    Home Appliance

    Home Appliance


  • E-commerce & Retail
    E-commerce & Retail

    E-commerce & Retail

    电商 & 零售

  • Beauty



  • Electronics



  • FMCG



  • Luxury



  • Food & Beverage
    Food & Beverage

    Food & Beverage

    食品 & 饮料

  • Events & Exhibition
    Events & Exhibition

    Events & Exhibition


More industries, audience analysis & custom solutions are also available!